Explanation for Daimler’s decline in profit

Explanation for Daimler’s decline in profit

Daimler profit slips on one-time factors, but outlook raised. This is what ABC News have published today. In the first quarter Daimler AG saw net profit fall 11 percent. And combined with lower profits are also falling share prices. The official reasons for that are shifting currency exchange rates and one-time gains in the year-earlier quarter. But what what does the NFL have to do with it?

As you can see, Daimler’s share price has developed in parallel with the player with the highest number of tackles in the NFL since 2002. The massive drop in Daimler’s value in 2008 is often postponed to the beginning of the diesel scandal. However, the graph above shows that the tightening of the rules for helmet-to-helmet contacts in the NFL in 2008 led to fewer tackles being carried out and thus fewer Daimler vehicles being purchased. Whether the connection between these two facts is the higher IQ of NFL players after the rule change is still unclear.

Year-end-price of Daimler: Boerse.de
NFL player with most tackles in regular season: ESPN

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