Auto-completion duel: “what does donald trump”

Bing's auto-completion to 'What does donald trump"

An interesting way to see what people are thinking is to see what they are looking for on search engines like Google or Bing. Both search engines use past search queries to automatically complete entered words into a common query. This allows both, conclusions on the current thinking of the searchers and it is thereby possible to indirectly compare the users of the two largest platforms. Let’s make an example.

We enter the following words in the search masks of both machines: “What does donald trump”. These are the results.

Auto-completion by Google

Google's auto-completion to 'What does donald trump"

  • what does donald trump eat
  • what does donald trump look like
  • what does donald trump own
  • what does donald trump do

These searches look very superficial. Most of them aim to know how rich he is, what he can be compared to. But does it look different with other search engines?

Auto-completion by Bing

Bing's auto-completion to 'What does donald trump"

  • what does donald trump eat
  • what does donald trump say about gun control
  • what does donald trump want
  • what does donald trump stand for

Bing’s first suggestion is the same as Google’s: What does that guy eat? In fact, it is very exciting to see that the world’s population wants to know what Donald Trump likes to eat. As the businessman he is, I’m sure he’ll be publishing a cookbook soon. But apart from that, the results of both search engines differ significantly. While Google was used to search more for the superficial, such as possession and appearance, Bing users asked for Trump’s position in topics, such as gun control and what he stands for in general. However, I am not sure if anyone can answer the latter at all.

The question that comes to my mind at the end is this: Are Bing users really more interested in the topics and Google users more in appearances? To answer this, we will compare further searches in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

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